Brothers.  Business Partners. Friends.

“Park Ave Pub Owners Dave and Kenny Moore”

July 2010

“If you thought I was an asshole as your older brother, just wait until I’m your business partner” laughs older brother Dave to his brother Kenny before purchasing Woody’s in July 2010.  “Yeah, my brother is intense.” Laughs Kenny.  “But I knew we could do it.”  Kenny adds.  “I knew the kind of bar & restaurant Chico needed at the time.  And, with my brother Dave as my business partner, I knew we could do it”.

Fiercely Competitive Athletes Growing Up

The Moore brothers’ favorite game growing up was playing 1-on-1 football in the back yard.   How exactly is  1-on-1 football played you ask?  “Hike the ball to yourself and try to run the other guy over” laugh Kenny and Dave.  “Neither of us likes to lose”.  Adds older brother Dave. “We had some epic battles growing up”.  And that’s the just spirit the brothers’ needed to make sure their business succeeded.

“In the beginning I was the bartender, bar-back, and cook all at the same time.  And I wasn’t very good at any of them”.  Laugh’s Kenny.  “My brother (Kenny) knows how to build and lead teams.  He’s done a great job putting together an awesome staff at The Pub.”  Adds Dave.

Pub Staff is Difference Maker

The brothers agree its Park Ave Pub staff that make it a special place that keeps customers coming back.  “We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without Jim (Park Ave Pub chef) and his team.”  Says Kenny.  “Our food sets us apart from everyone one else”  say Kenny.  “And our front of the house is second-to-none.  Amanda (bar/staff manager) and her team make you feel like a regular the moment you walk through the door.  Your favorite drink  is usually waiting for you before you even take a seat at the bar”.  Chuckles Kenny.

2020 and beyond

Next year marks the 10th anniversary of Park Ave Pub and the brothers don’t plan on resting on their laurels.  “We want to make Park Ave Pub a destination for everyone living and visiting Chico” say Kenny and Dave.  “We plan to grow beyond being Chico’s friendliest little bar into Chico’s #1 destination for food and fun!”.  See you soon!  -Dave & Kenny Moore